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Special Events

Annual Winter Dance    |   Pasta Fest    |   Punkin' Grove    |   Annual General Meeting    |    Keeping Kids Safe


Dimmy the Clown entertains4th Annual Family Dance

Thanks to all who came out on February 10 to break the spell of the winter blahs. Our theme this year was Magic and Marvel. As usual, there were plenty of activities, costumes and FUN!

Pasta Fest was SOLD OUT!

Our annual Pasta Dinner & Silent Auction was (as always!) a fun family evening, and helped raise funds for Applegrove. Thank you to all who attended, donated, participated or volunteered!

Punkin' Grove 2017

Punkin' Grove 2016We hosted our 2nd annual Punkin' Grove on November 1, early eve, at the Ashbridge Estate. This free fun event is where people brought their Jack-o-lanterns to party with the other punkins! There were prizes for the spookiest, happiest and “arty-est” punkin's, plus a prize for a teal pumpkin – which signifies non-food treats for kids with food allergies or diabetes. And a prize for the Luckiest Punkin' was selected by random draw. Special thanks to Big Ben’s Junk Removal (for punkin' disposal) and to the Ontario Heritage Trust (for the Ashbridge Estate).

Special Workshops: Keeping Our Kids Safe

Talking to children about their bodies and boundaries is extremely important but not always easy. Thank you to Jennifer Katz, from Toronto Public Health, who did two presentations for parents/caretakers in June 2016.

If you were not able to attend, or if there is another topic that you'd like to see a workshop for, please email Applegrove@ApplegroveCC.ca or visit the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Applegrove-Community-Complex-99742456574/ and leave a comment.