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Applegrove in the News

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Applegrove Continues to Welcome Discussion

  • When deciding where to make their donations, some donors look at the ratio of administrative expenses to program expenses. At Applegrove, the City of Toronto covers 100% of the administrative expenses, meaning that 100% of your donation goes to programming. Therefore, even though Applegrove apparently has high overhead costs, donors know that their donation pays directly for the materials, supplies and skilled staff within programs. For another take on overhead costs, please visit this article on the Drache, Aptowizer website (a law firm specializing in charities) http://www.drache.ca/articles/charities/how-not-to-choose-a-charity.
  • On September 22, 2010, CBC Television News carried a report about charities using "3rd party" fundraisers. The on-line version includes a database of amounts that charities paid to outside fundraisers. This database shows that Applegrove paid about $2,700 to an external fundraiser for total proceeds of about $9,600, or a cost of 28%. What the database does not say is that these fees are paid to an external company that organizes off-site "Nevada" (break-open) ticket sales for the agency. Applegrove puts little time or energy into Nevada and spends its proceeds directly on programming.

Media Visibility

Nuit Blanche 2015: East Side Story,     October 10, 2015

Yoga-thon,     February 7, 2015

Students and Seniors Connect Through Art,     March 18, 2014

Yoga-thon,     February 1, 2014

Applegrove Youth Leadership Market,     August 2013

Louise welcomes Leslieville Tree Festival guests to the Applegrove table,     June 22, 2013

SPA Night,     May 16, 2013

Yoga-thon,     February 2, 2013

Councillor McMahon Recommends Volunteering,     Jan 9, 2013

Celebrity Chef Chuck Hughes,     November 29, 2012

  • talked about Applegrove and Hellmann’s Real Food Movement on the Global Morning Show
  • visited Applegrove’s Afterschool program on November 29, featured on the front page of SNAP Beaches January edition!

Applicious,     September 15, 2012

Beach Rotary Hands Out Funds to Local Groups,     June 26, 2012

Seniors Health Fair,     February 17, 2012

Yoga-thon,     February 4, 2012

Applicious,     September 17, 2011

Edgewalk for Edgewood,     May 5, 2011
As of March 23, 2015 Edgewood program became the Applegrove Connection program.

Dine in the Neighbourhood,     February 11, 2011

Yoga-thon (108 Sun Salutations),     February 5, 2011

Applicious Saturday,     September 18, 2010

SPA Night,     May 11, 2010

Family Theatre Night,     April 8, 2010

Seniors Program Launched,     November 27, 2009

14th Annual Pasta Fest Saturday,     October 17, 2009

In the Toronto Star, Carol Goar wrote about a report from a group called Charity Intelligence or CI,     November 23, 2009
This group (CI) researched about 400 charities across Canada and recommended donating to a small number of them, based on costs of administration and fundraising, plus other factors. Here are the relevant links:

Because Applegrove's administrative costs are covered by the City of Toronto, 100% of charitable donations are spent on programs.